Aspose.Pdf Image placement


Hi, I'm searching for a method to easily place images in the PDF output - I'm having trouble.

For example, I wish to put our company logo on the lower right corner of the PageSize.LetterHeight, PageSize.LetterWidth pdf document I have created. I add a new Pdf doc, put in the PageSize values, create a new Section, and create a new Image and add it to the Section. The AlignmentType.Right will right justify the Image, but the .Left and .TOP attributes of the Image do not affect the image placement on the Pdf output of the pdf doc. I have not seen any Section placement options in the Section object.

Do I need to create a Table or Paragraph and put the Image into it? If so, then how does the placement on the pdf output work?




Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please refer to "Custom Positioning" "Working with Floating Box" at



Thank you for a response.

That's a very helpful web page on placement. This is important because we support a few different paper sizes, and so it's critical to have dynamic image placement for each page size.