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Aspose.Pdf makes beautiful PDF(s). What can I use to batch print besides AcroRd32.exe?

Excellent product for .NET, Aspose.Pdf is!

I have succesfully create a PDF document generating system which has template support via XML and XSLT. Thats great!

Now how do I print these beautiful PDF documents?

What automated solution is everyone using to batch print PDF documents? Besides AcroRd32.exe because its not going to cut it for me!

My requirments are:

  1. Automation (meaning no print dialog)
  2. Need to be specify printer paper source tray to print from (per each PDF)
  3. Multiple printers: example one PDF will print to a LaserJet. Another has to print to a Zebra label printer.
Thank you very much for reading and I thank you in advance for any advice!


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry printing is not supported in our component. We are now working on this issue and we hope we can support it in late next month.

Hi, we are considering purchasing the aspose.pdf component. One requirement is that we be able to batch-print PDF documents from a Windows Forms application. Does this functionality exist in aspose.pdf now?



Dear Chris,

This feature is not supported yet but we have almost finished it. We will publish this feature late this month or early next month.