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Aspose.Pdf NOT Multi-Threaded - creates DISTORTED PDFs

Aspose.pdf has distorted images all over the page when using Aspose.word. The Aspose.pdf team is blaming the Aspose.word product. They indicated they notified you. I want to know what the status of getting this fixed is.

was there never a reply to this post?

Not sure, I want to know if there is a solution.


Please don’t worry, we are looking into the issue and we will reply to you very soon.

This has to do with the way Aspose.Word generates temporary file names for images. I will fix it today.

Was this fixed? I see that version 3.1 was released on the 16th. This is a very urgent issue for us (we are just using the trial) and I really don’t want to have to put retry logic in for failures.

I have this fixed, will try to release tomorrow.


This was fixed in the next hotfix that will be released soon.


Can you please quantify soon (tomorrow as the previous post said, a few days, a week, a month)? Unfortunately, we need to make a decesion on a product asap and, other than this bug, your product appears perfect for what we need.


We have just released Aspose.Word 3.1.1.

  • Fixed a problem with non-unique temporary image file names when exporting to PDF via a stream in a multithreaded environment.

    I am still receiving distorted PDF’s. It appears like it is less distorted then before. One other note: if I put a semaphore lock around the logic saving the xml to pdf I do not get distorted pdf’s, only when converting. So it appears the word portion is not causing the problem.