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Aspose.Pdf problem

The customer needs help regarding Aspose.PDF. Please send it to relevant people. His email address is

Here is the chat text

msfaiz> hello
joe> hello. i need info on rendering a html tp pdf.
msfaiz> Sorry, I am not much helpful for you , have you contacted Aspose.PDF department?
joe> they are off-line. when will they be online? I would prefer to speak on the phone. Is there a number i can call. We are existing customers.
msfaiz> please post your question, I will send email to service team lead
joe> I need to know if there software will convert a HTML page into a pdf. I have tried some other products that will do this, but the rendered pdf is not very crisp and clean. thanks.
msfaiz> Ok, I'll send your query. Thank you
joe> thanks.
msfaiz> You welcome

Shakeel Faiz
Support Engineer
Aspose Tyumen Team

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Dear Joe,
Thank you for considering Aspose.
Aspose.Pdf can convert HTML to Pdf but css is not supported yet. Some complexed HTML is also not supported well. You can evaluate it. If you have more question please post it in this thread. You can also contact us via live support but maybe you can't find me becuase of time difference (I live in China). I have also sent a mail to you.