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Aspose.pdf schema doesnt work with xmlspy 2005 sp1

Hi, the moment I assign the schema i dl from aspose.pdf (User prog. guide). XmlSpy 2005 reports me this error:
"This file is not formed: Name ((Letter|’_’ … expected.

Anyone can tell me what to do ?

Dear AcidFileZ,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I have no xmlspy 2005 and I have not find a eval version that can work. I will try to get one and find why this error occurs.

Dear AcidFileZ,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I have updated the schema file to make sure it can work in xmlspy 2005. But I have not found the error you reported. If it still can’t work, please let me know.

Very sorry i didnt explain well the error situacion.

I downloaded new xml schema, it still has that error.

The error occurs when passing from text view to the grid view In the xmlspy, as said i am using the spy2005 sp1.

Thanks for all ur support.

Can you please send me your xml file?

Im sorry but it seems the second time i dled the xsd. It didnt overwrite the old one.

After opening xmlspy recognize the schema perfectly. Very happy it work, I can continue evaluating the software. Apsose will hear from our company as soon as its aprooved. Thanks a lot.