Aspose.PDF.Viewer Product Preview


Complement the Aspose.Pdf with a Viewer control to view PDF files


Hi jorbjo,

I’m very interested in your suggestion but would you like to elaborate more about it, such as the features you want, the URLs of the existing PDF viewer components in the market, etc.

Thanks for your contribution.


Now we’re proposing to make Aspose.Pdf.Viewer and shortly we will publish features that are available in the first public release. Feel free to post your feature requests please.


Does Aspose have a built in PDF viewer.
I need a viewer where I can get the viewer parameters (i.e what part of the document is visible in the window as the result of a zoom, scroll or pan) operation



Pdf viewer will be implenmented in Aspose.Pdf.Kit. Shortly our developer will post the availability timeframe.


Pdf viewer will be included as a feature in Aspose.Pdf.Kit. Our developer will post the available timeframe very soon.


Please refer to Development plan for Pdf reader in Aspose.Pdf.Kit.