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Aspose Product on Java ME SDK

We would like to use Aspose SDK(word and cell) on the platform with Java ME Embedded.

Is there a way to use Aspose SDKs on the platforms without java.awt.Paint?
Or go with ‘Aspose for cloud’ is the only option to process the document conversion in this case?

Thank You


We are looking into this inquiry. For Aspose.Cells, we have logged an investigation ticket into our system with ID CELLSJAVA-42606. We will update you here once there is some information or a fix version available in this regard.


Regarding Aspose.Words for Java, it is possible to use this API without java.awt.Paint when the documents do not contain images with gradient fill.

But we think that your Java ME Embedded Configuration not only misses the java.awt.Paint class but also some other java.awt.* classes are missing. Please tell what core Java classes are absent in your Java ME Configuration?

Alternatively, if your device supports Android then we have also Aspose.Words for Android via Java (native API) that you can incorporate in your project.

Thank You.

We tried Aspose.Words for Android via Java, but since we don’t support Android environment, we get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError for Android related classes.

Regarding Aspose.Words for Java, we get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.awt.Paint at runtime when Document constructor is called.

Document document = new Document(somepath);
where somepath is the path for the word document with just one ‘hello world’ sentence, no image, no gradient fill.

Is there a way to convert word to pdf with document.save without core Java classes if the original word document does not contain any fancy image/styling?

Thank you.


It depends on ClassLoader and its configuration. Some ClassLoaders have lazy configuration - they load a class only by demand. Other ClassLoader (like yours) load all referenced classes at startup. But this is not important if you want to save to PDF.

I am afraid, this is not possible as PDF conversion engine of Aspose.Words for Java itself demands deep using of graphics. Asposee.Words for Java internally uses almost the same classes when performing conversion to PDF or conversion to Image formats (.tiff, .jpeg, .png etc). So in this case it heavily depends on system graphics packages.

In a nutshell, using Aspose.Words for Java API without java.awt.Paint is possible, only if input documents do not contain images (with gradient fill) and output formats do not involve image formats (.gif, .tiff, .pdf, etc.). You should be able to convert Word formats to other Word formats (.docx, .doc, .rtf etc) but for this your ClassLoader should have lazy configuration i.e. to load classes only by demand.

For PDF conversions, I am afraid, you have to either use “Aspose.Words for Android via Java” or “Aspose.Words for Cloud”.