I am using ASP.NET application in Visual Studio .NET

I have two questions, please advise me:

1. I added two line code at the function where I want to use Aspose.Project:

Dim license As Aspose.Project.License = New Aspose.Project.License


I got a error at the second line of the code: “Cannot find license Aspose.Proect.lic”

I have already copy the Aspose.Project.lic file to my working folder c:\inetpub\wwwroot\DISweeklyReport

2. Do you have a piece of code or reference for reading data from mpp format and show it on the web page?

My office is using MS Project, we have all data on MS Project, now we want to read all data (mpp format) and load them on my ASP.NET application

Many thanks for your help


Dear Brenda,

You code is okay but please put Aspose.Project.lic file to the
folder together with your assembly.
I’m sorry we don’t have examples how to show project’s data on the web pages yet
but we have example how to create projects. Please check:
I think it can help you and can be used as template.


Thanks for reply,

I got your answer of question1. It works :slight_smile:
Back to question2, Do you have some ideas or sugestions to help me how to read all data (mpp fomat) from MSProjects. The main point is we don’t want to create Projects, we just want to read/get data from existed projects that we had created and load on web page.

Many thanks


Dear Brenda,

Please check also ProjectQuery demo. It iterates all calendars, task and resources and shows information on the console. So you should just format this info and redirect it to the web page.