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Aspose Replacement - Mailmerge

I am loading the data set with an XML document.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

For example: I am and my age is and i am having job

In this case, when i am picking up the value in between the tag and putting it in an xml doc, its fails because the tag is not wellformed. Please advice me is there any other way i can do it?

DataSet StoredData = new DataSet();

StringReader Xml_Reader = new StringReader(incomingxml); //Incoming xml is the xml doc recieving with the Erraneous tags

StoredData.ReadXml(Xml_Reader);// i am getting error Here when I am trying to read xml

BOBookMarkCounter = DStoAL(StoredData);

//Logic goes here to compare two BookMraks and report an error

//if the given bookmarks is not matching with the bookmarks contained

//in the template

//Logic goes here to send the missing fields to client

foreach (string Bmark in TemplateBookMarkCounter)


if (!BOBookMarkCounter.Contains(Bmark))


missingElementFlag = true;

MissingElements.Append((Bmark) + ", ");




Thanks for your request. Please write me the error. How does this relate to Aspose.Words?

Best regards,