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Aspose shows repair option and font size changed in generated ppt

Hi support,

we are generating slide using aspose.slide .net version we are facing following issues after successfull ppt generation.

1.It ask for repare the presentation when open newly generated presentation.(please refer attached images.1.png (5.3 KB)
and 2.png (4.6 KB)

  1. font size increase from 24 to 42.7.
    Console application is attached for Demo - (926.5 KB)

refer attached image - 3.jpg (287.9 KB)

Source template path - bin\Debug\PresentationTemplate\value.pptx
Newly generated presentation - bin\Debug\PresentationDownloads\Demo_Overview_Report.pptx

Please provide help to resolve above issues.


I have tested using Aspose.Slides for .NET 18.10 and Aspose.Cells for .NET 18.10 on my end and have not been able to reproduce the issue. I suggest you to please try using the specified versions on your end. For your reference, I have attached the generated presentation as well. (48.1 KB)