Aspose Slides 15.5 File corrupt (needs repair) after presentation saved with cloning slides (animations)


I have a simple 1 Slide pptx file with animations.
After cloning slides into new presentation and saving file I am getting error message:
"“PowerPoint found a problem with content… PowerPoint can attempt to repair the presentation”.
When “Repair” clicked, it cannot open file.
Error message: "This file cannot be opened by using Microsoft PowerPoint…"

I included original file Aspose_15_5_1Slide_Bug_Animation_Orig.pptx
and saved file wilth cloned slide Aspose_15_5_1Slide_Bug_Animation_RepairMessage.pptx
My code snippet;
using aspose = Aspose.Slides;
aspose.Presentation peSource = new aspose.Presentation(filePath);
aspose.Presentation peTarget = new aspose.Presentation();
peTarget.Slides.InsertClone(0, peSource.Slides[0]);
peTarget.Save(“NewPresentation.pptx”, aspose.Export.SaveFormat.Pptx);

Thank you,

Natasha Turchak
Senior developer at Viscira Inc. SF

Hi Natasha Turchak,

I have observed the presentation file shared by you and have tried opening the generated presentation shared by you in my PowerPoint 2010. I have not been able to reproduce the issue on my end and request you to please share the complete PowerPoint version with its number so that we may investigate it further on our end.

Many Thanks,