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Aspose.Slides 5.9.0 and Aspose.Slides


I have code written to support PPT format of presentation and uses Aspose.Slides.NET dll.

Now I am upgrading my application to use Aspose.Slides.NET 5.9.0. Will there be any impact on the old code or some changes in the PPT generated with old code using 5.9.0.

Hi Htanmo,

There are many new features available in Aspose.Slides for .NET 5.9.0 as compared to Aspose.Slides for .NET Like addition of SmartArt rendering, chart rendering, PPT to PPTX conversion, ODP file format support and some other features. In coming June, 2012 version of Aspose.Slides for .NET many classes will be replaced. Currently, both old and new classes are in use for smooth transition. You can open .CHM file shared in Aspose.Slides for .NET installation and can see the red obsolete word showing that these classes will no longer be supported. Shapes class has been replaced by ShapeCollection, Slides class has been replaced by SlideCollection. I have shared the image for your kind reference. You may observe the changes in API.

Many Thanks,

Ok. Conversion of PPT to PPTX in 5.9 means opening a PPT file and saving it as PPTX. Correct me if I am worng. Because I am using Stream to write the data and file is to be saved in Client machine.

Further I could understand from your reply that as of now the old classes in are available in 5.0 also. This sounds good. But in future I may upgrade to some other new Aspose.Slides. I need to confirm as I thought of having the old code as such for generating PPT and for PPTX output I thought of writing new codes with PPTX class.

If many old PPT classes are replaced, there may be a huge development required in future. Will even PPTX classes be replaced in future versions?

I have one more doubt. I tried developing PPT using PPTX class and when opened in MS Powerpoint 2007 or 2010, it opens perfectly. But the file is not opened in MS Powerpoint 2003. (Showing error that the file must have been saved with some other extension). Can u suggest me some solution for this?


Hi Htanmo,

Please visit this documentation link for PPT to PPTX conversion. We have presently limited support for features in PPT to PPTX conversion. You are right that conversion of PPT to PPTX conversion means reading PPT and saving it as PPTX using PresentationEx class.

I also like to share that what ever classes are replaced the help file is accordingly updated for user reference so that he may make necessary changes well before. I am not sure of PPTX classes going to be replaced. But even if they do replace, the help file will be updated mentioning the changes and even in toll tips while using the class that is going to be replaced.

I may need the code snippet, source presentation and generated presentation for PPT to PPTX conversion that you performed and is failing to open the generated presentation in PowerPoint 2003. Please also share the version of PowerPoint 2003 as well.

Many Thanks,

Thanks …Even for PPTX class help https://reference.aspose.com/slides/net, I can see that more classes are obsolete.

Also I have attached the file New PPTX.ppt which opens in 2007, 2010. But it is not opening in 2003. Version of MS Powerpoint 2003 is "Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2003 (11.8335.8341) SP3.

Code used:

PresentationEx newPptx = new PresentationEx();

SlideEx newSlide = newPptx.Slides[0];

newSlide.Shapes.AddAutoShape(ShapeTypeEx.Rectangle, 100, 200, 200, 200);

newPptx.Write(“C:\New PPTX.ppt”);

Dll: Aspose.5.9.0

Hi Htanmo,

I have observed that you are trying to save PPT from PresentationEx class. At the moment, the support for PPTX to PPT is not available in Aspose.Slides. I have created a PPTX presentation with your code and have opened in PowerPoint 2003 (With compatibility pack installed) successfully. For your reference, I have shared the PPTX file as well. It is in fact not an issue.

Many Thanks,

Thanks Mudassir.

Even before, I have tried saving PPTX via PresentationEx class and the PPTX file was opening fine in 2007, 2010 and even in 2003.

Will the facility of developing PPT (that can open well in 2003) from PresenationEx be available in future releases? Or is it something more related to Microsoft Powerpoint behavior?

Hi Htanmo,

I am not sure whether facility of creating PPT using PresentationEx class will be available so soon as it means PPTX to PPT conversion. Currently, we are enhancing and providing support for PPT to PPTX conversion and vice versa is unsupported for the time being.

Many Thanks,