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Aspose.Slides for Java - memory consumption

we’re using Aspose.Slides for Java Version 2.7.0-jdk14.
We have huge memory consumption issues:

We tired to save an PresentationEx with 180 slides in PDF file format. The Java process required 3.6GB of memory to get this operation done in 110 seconds.
For comparison: MS Office PowerPoint process required 200MB of memory and did the conversion in 18 seconds.

We generally tried to migrate from PPT to PPTX but our servers cant’t provide enough system memory to process the new format.

So what can we do to make the things work with less memory consumption?



Hi Jörg,

I have tried to understand the issue shared by you. In order to further investigate the issue, I may request you to kindly share the source presentation for further investigation on our end. I also like to add that PPTX is compressed format presentation and when it is loaded using Aspose.Slides, it will definitely un-compress its self and will take time and consume memory as well. However, in PPT there is no compression as in case of PPTX. Hope, it clears the concept.

Many Thanks,

I’m afraid I can’t share the source presentation because it contains confidential data. But I’m sure you can reproduce this behaviour with any larger presentation >180 slides containing a lot of tables and images. It is undoubtedly proven that PPTX processing with Aspose.Slides allocates very much more heap space than PPT processing.

We have already changed our PPTX2PDF implementation using MS Office interoperability.
We do not want to port our complete PPTX generation to MS Office but the actual Aspose.Slides PPTX functionality is not useable to us. So please what is the official Aspose statement regarding this issue?

We try to find a solution very hard.
So we’ve prepared the generated presentation. We’ve removed all confidental data (mostly images) and attached it onto this post.

In addition we started a memory profiling session during generation of this presentation and attached the results onto this post. As you can see, the com.aspose.slides namespace allocated 4.4G of heap memory in total.

Maybe you can give us a hint regarding the huge memory consuption based on the distribution of memory consuption over the different object types in the com.aspose.slides namespace.



Hi Jorg,

Thanks for sharing the sample data. I have worked with the presentation shared by you using max java heap size 1228 MB and was able to export to PDF successfully. It is true that the more the images, tables, charts inside presentation greater will be the memory usage. I have created an issue with ID 32887 in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve this performance issue. I will share the further information with you as soon investigation is carried by our development team.

Many Thanks,