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Aspose Slides for Reporting Services - are sub-reports currently supported whilst rendering to ppt?

I am currently evaluating Aspose Slides for Reporting Services dll version and we are unable to render RDL's containing sub-reports to ppt or pps formats.

I have tried numerous combinations and as a bare minimum have tried one main RDL which only calls one sub-report RDL and this does not render the sub-report in ppt or pps formats. Rendering to other formats e.g. pdf is fine.

The main RDL is very simple, a text box and a sub-report container. The sub-report is also very simple, a text box containing text.

Are sub-reports supported? We need this functionality in order to purchase.




Your request is related to another component (Aspose.Slides for Reporting service). That’s why I move it to corresponding forum. Their technical support will respond to you soon.

Best regards.

Dear Davelar,

Subreports are supported and worked in our tests.
Could you send me (or attach here in the forum) some example of RDL report with sub-report for testing.

Thank you for your quick reply. Find attached within the zip file two RDL's - MainRDLTest.rdl and SubReportTest.rdl. MainRDLTest.rdl calls SubReportTest.rdl as a sub-report.

Was this issue solved ?? i have the same problem…

The issue already solved but hot fix is not published yet.
It should be available on these weekends.


Has the hot fix been published yet - fixes the exporting subreports to powerpoint? This is an essential requirement and will determine whether we purchase the component.



Dear KW,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides for RS

Yes, new version has been released, which you can get from this link.

Hi msfaiz

Thanks for sending on the link to the latest version of Slides for RS. It is now exporting subreports.

However I am experiencing a couple issues with formatting of tables and text boxes when displayed and printed.

For example when viewed in Power Point or as a slide show the bottom border of tables are not displayed but when the report is printed they appear? Also, additional unwanted border lines appear around tables and text boxes when printed. For example a text box in RS that has no borders when exported and printed will have very light visible border. Are these known issues and is there a work around or setting to prevent this from happening?

I am also evaluating the Aspose.Words for RS and was hoping to evaluate both Words and Slides rendering components with the same report. My test report has been designed to fit an A4 paper, landscape orientation (29.7cm, 21cm) with margins of 1cm.

When exported to word the report looks great and sits nicely in the page, however the page setup orientation is still set to portrait. I have tired changing the config file and added Landscape which does change the page layout to landscape in page setup but the report is displayed in Portrait with half the page truncated.

When the same report is exported to Power point the standard A4 size is too big for a slide and hangs over the edge. Do I have to redesign the report to make it smaller so it fit on the slide?

Do Aspose have any guidelines or standards with regards to page size and margins when designing RS reports that are to be exported and printed using Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Words rendering extensions?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

If required, I can send on an example rdl file and the exported power point and word files?


Hello Kevin,

You are right, currently Aspose.Slides for RS doesn’t allow change page orientation.
All reports generated as landscape. The reason is very simple. Aspose.Slides also
doesn’t allow to change orientation. We are planning to improve it in the next hot fix.

In case you have problems with borders please provide example of rdl report,
generated presentation and the same report exported as pdf (to show differencies).
We will try to fix problems asap.

Hi Alexey

Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.

I have attached a zip file containing the exported report as a pdf file and a power point file and also a copy of the rdl file.

Actually I have just printed the reports to a couple fo different printers and I get differnet results i.e. the black an white printer prints hidden borders and the colour printer looks ok. This could be a printer driver issue? Having said that the both the power point printed outputs look different from a pdf.

Let me know what you think



Hello Kevin,

Please check Aspose.Slides for RS 1.1.1 hot fix here. The problem with hidden borders was fixed.
Actually, that is a bug of MS PowerPoint. It shows borders on B&W printers in case shape filled with white transparent color. It can be reproduced directly in PowerPoint without using Aspose.Slides.

Hi Alexey

I downloaded the most recent hotfix and it doesn't look as if the functionality for controlling slide dimensions in .Slides for RS was part of it. Is there any update as to when you will be producing the hot-fix for this issue?

Thanks in advance


Hello Nathan,

I think it will be available in the next 2 weeks before Christmas.
Could you write please what standard slide sizes you are planning to use?
Portrait A4? Some other? Do you need custom slide sizes?

Hi Alexey, sorry for the delay in replying.

A4 portrait and landscape are probably the most likely pages size (other than the default) that we would be using in the short/medium term.



Hello Nathan,

New 1.1.3 hot fix available for downloading here.
It can create slides with any custom size now and with right orientation and margins.