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We are trying to evaluate Aspose.Slides.Java bu installing it on our Debian (Linux) test server in our office…Can you please give a detailed run-down of what the exact requirements are ie TomCat/Apache, AND more importantly where all the files go?
Do the Aspose .jar and PHP files go in Apache OR into TomCat?
The demo that comes with the Java library fails with "String exception -1"

Sorry if I sound like a novice, but I am…I would really appreciate some help as we are very keen to use Aspose and buy the licence.


Hi Rob,

I am sorry for the delayed response.

Please visit this article for further assistance. The article describes the two approaches for using Aspose.Slides for Java with PHP. Aspose.Slides for Java also provides the wrapper classes for PHP5 in the product that can be used for ease of development. Please share with us, if I may of help to you any further.

Thanks and Regards,

HI, thanks for getting back to me…

I have already read that document re PHP wrapper classes. The question I have is where all the files are put?
To use Java servlets on a Linux server do we need to use TomCat or can they run directly from Apache?
Where does the AsposeSlides.php file go? Is it in Apache or TomCat?
Using PHP5 wrapper class php file - where is this place - in Apache or TomCat?

I basically need a schematic of all components and where/what is used to serve them on a Linux server.
Obviously other clients of yours have been able to do this using - I just need a clearer installation map and detailed system requirements - such as TomCat /Apache, and where all the files need to go.

Many thanks,

Hi Rob,

Please follow the link 1, link 2, link 3 and link 4 for your kind reference. These configuration of web server and placement of jar files are actually standard settings that every PHP java based web applications follow. Aspose.Slides for Java also follows the same. Hopefuly, the shared links will help you achieving your goal and setting up your environment as they contain step by step guide for this.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Mudassir,

Many thanks for the info…I’ll try this later.

Best regards,