Aspose.Total Evaluation


I am attaching the evaluation results for Aspose.Total. [Product
Version ]

Could you please let me know whether there is a plan to resolve these issues in your latest release?
Based on this, we need to make a decision on purchasing the license.



I would like to address your issues/ requirements from Aspose.Cells perspective.

Well, I have checked your attached file where you mentioned some issues regarding the three products (I think these are: Aspose.Words, Aspose.Cells and Aspose.Slides) you have evaluated for MS Word , MS Excel and Powerpoint file formats and conversions.

Regarding MS Excel issues, I would request you to first try our latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for .NET v7.7.1.7 and see if it makes any difference for your mentioned issues. For your information, we made a few enhancements in the recent versions regarding PivotTables, drawing objects, etc. There are a few shapes which still might not be properly parsed in PDF rendering though, we would surely like to figure them out soon. We would surely require your template Excel files, output files and sample code segments to reproduce the issues on our end, so we could log them into our database (to be fixed) after confirming the issues. Moreover, I suggest you please use respective forums of the products (as it would be more feasible for us) here . Furthermore, we request you to use single forum thread per issue with all the details, attachments, sample codes, screen shots etc., it would be lot easier to manage your issues precisely.

Thank you.

Hi Praveen,

Thanks for your inquiry. I would like to address your issues related to Aspose.Words.

I have already answered your query here in this post. Please follow that thread for further proceedings.