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Aspose Total for JAVA mutiple inquiries

I have a question regarding Aspose Total for JAVA
Our customer has purchased Aspose Total for JAVA in April 2020.

  1. If a size of a converting document file is 110 MB, how long Aspose would take to convert?
    (please respond with seconds; e.g. 1 minute)

  2. How much size can Aspose convert PDF documents in a minute?
    (Are there any convertible document size and speed guides that can provide by Aspose?)

  3. When converting documents, is it possible to adjust converted file size or converting speed by setting the documents’ resolution?
    If it is possible to change its resolution, please advise how to do it

  4. The customer has found converted PPT documents crashes in recent releases; aspose-slides-21.2-jdk16.jar
    With aspose.slides-15.8.0, converting went successfully.
    the customer is wondering whether the issue has resolved or not

Please advise on the questions above.


Please note that the conversion time does not entirely depend upon the document size. There is no limitation in Aspose APIs in terms of file size. You can process/convert files of any size. The conversion time however depends upon the complexity and structure of the document being converted. In case you are facing some issues, you can try increasing the Java Memory Heap. Please share the sample source file along with the sample code snippet in case issue still persists.

It also depends upon in which format you are exporting a document. If you are converting PDF files into images, you can generate images of different resolutions. Not all types of file formats (supported by Aspose APIs) have specifications like resolution. So, could you please share the information about source and output formats by sharing sample files? We will further share our feedback with you accordingly.

Please note that 15.8 is quite an old version of Aspose.Slides for Java in which many shapes in rendering were not considered. Please try increasing the Java Heap as higher/latest version of the API supports rendering of new shapes in PP which may require more memory for processing. Please feel free to share sample file(s) along with code snippet in case issue still happens. We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.