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Aspose.Total license file in SharePoint solution

On Monday 14 May 2018, we received a new Aspose Total license file which is valid until 12/06/2019.
We are using the previous license file, which expires on 12/06/2018, as an embedded resource inside a SharePoint solution (wsp).
What happens when the embedded license file expires on 12/06/2018?
Should we include the new license file and upgrade our SharePoint solution for the PDF conversation to keep on working after 12/06/2018?

Thanks for your feedback!


After expiration you will not be able to update the Aspose assemblies. Please visit the link for details.

Yes, you should include the new license into the solution.

Dear Ikram,
we are currently only using Aspose Words, Cells and Slides in our solution.
When the embedded license expires on 12/06/2018, will the current assemblies keep on working?
Kind regards,


Yes, you can carry on your working with the current version of Apose APIs that you have. However, you will not be able to upgrade any Aspose APIs until you have a valid license.