Aspose.Wird: The license is not valid for this product


Having licensing issues. We originally bought Aspose.Word last June 2004. We have been downloading the dll upgrades and everything worked until build 2.5. We are using the new license with the new License.SetLicense method and it works in 2.4.1 but as soon as we go to 2.5 we get an error: The license is not valid for this product. Please help.


There were no changes to the licensing code from 2.4.1 to 2.5.

Do you use old (generated before 22 Jan 2005) or new license?

Attach the license file to your post for us to check (nobody apart from you and Aspose developers will be able to access it).

Include the fragment of the code where you set the license.


I downloaded a new license as instructed.


License objLicense = new License();


Your license is okay. Have no sure ideas, there must be something really simple going on, try this:

Aspose.Word.License license = new Aspose.Word.License();

if that does not help try full path


So how do I resolve the issue? It is definitely finding the license file (When I remove it, I get an error saying it can’t find the file) so the file path is not the issue. Your response is insufficient and I would like the issue to be resolved. Can you generate a new license file for us? Can you look into resolving the issue further instead of saying it must be something simple?

Thank you


Your license works okay for me, I tested.

The only reason when such an exception will be thrown is when the product name specified in the license does not match the product name specified in the assembly.

The license is not damaged, it has a digital signature that is checked first before any other checks. The component itself is not likely to be damaged either because it is strongly named.

The only scenario I can imagine is that you reference say both Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf and import Aspose.Pdf namespace and try to set license for Aspose.Word in this code. This will invoke the License class in Aspose.Pdf which has the same name and methods.

Not sure if you saw this in my previous topic, but using fully qualified license class name could help to sort this problem.

You can regenerate your license from your order, but the license file is 100% correct. Maybe you can redownload Aspose.Word as we recently had people who downloaded installer files and found they would not run because of corruption.


If still no luck, zip your whole project (or make a small test app) and post here.