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ASPOSE with our .Net Development

We have evaluated number of tools to provide the Mail-Merge funtionality with-in our Product Suite (which uses Microsoft .Net Technology); And we have selected ASPOSE Word due to its simplicity, minimal coding needed on our applixation. We especially like its foot-print on the server to support the scalability issues. We think we will be saving so much of development time and cost by using ASPOSE in our development enviroment. Thanks for the great tool and we look forward to exploring the other features and/or tools from ASPOSE.

Thanks Again.

Hema Kadali

Chief Software Architect

Dennemeyer Inc.


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word and other Aspose products.

We are really happy to receive such the feedback. Thank you!


Regarding running Aspose Word applications, what file/files do we need to be on the server.



Each Aspose product consists of a single dll therefore you only need to have Aspose.Word.dll.


I have to create a VBA macro in word at runtime and run it. Is there any way that I can implement it using Aspose.Word? Do let me know.


I don't think we will make Aspose.Word provide programmatic access or run VBA code. One of the important reasons it is completely undocumented.

We have customers who put macros into documents using MS Word before processing the documents with Aspose.Word. This works. Aspose.Word will even preserve the digital signature over the VBA project.