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Aspose.Word and Autotext


we′re very interested in your products (word, excel and maybe pdf). i′ve searched a little about autotext-fields in word but did not find anything. at time, for example, we use autotextes to combine bookmarks and then to create tables or something like this. but all functions with COM-implementation.

is it possible to use autotext-fields in aspose.word? do you have some winform-examples about Aspose.Word, Aspose.Excel and Aspose.Pdf? we don′t have installed an internet-server at our development-environment, so we can not test your web-applications.

thank you very much!


Thank you for your interest in Aspose products.

Unfortunately autotext fields are not supported by Aspose.Word at the moment. I have logged your request so we will try to add support for them in the future.

Both WinForms and ASP .NET demos are included in Aspose.Word msi installer. Just download the evaluation version from our download page, install it and you will be able to access several demos whose code is illustrative and well commented.


sorry for my late answer as i was on holiday.

ok. that sounds not so good because we actually wanted to take both aspose.excel and aspose.word combined to save money when buying aspose.custom. now we have to wait for an autotext support in aspose.word.

can you estimate the time of the integration of the autotext support? furthermore, can you guarantee that autotext support will be integrated for sure (this is really important for us) in a certain period of time so that we can finally order the two applications?

thx a lot!


Sorry we cannot provide any ETA on autotext support. Thank you for understanding.