Aspose.Word and PDF for Dynamics 365 Online



We have a Dynamics CRM/365 online product built around Aspose.Word. Few years ago we used Aspose.Word dll to generate documents out of Dynamics CRM, but now we are expanding our product features and want to use Aspose.PDF as well.

I tried to download the latest version for .Net and found out that the size of pdf dll is around 33MB. Which is not supported by Dynamics 365 online due to the max dll size limitation which is 16MB.

I also noticed that the latest version for Aspose.Word also failed to execute in a sandboxed plugin with the following error message :

Request for the permission of type 'System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission failed’

It tries to access disk for some reason i.e. serialization, disk accessibility is not supported by Dynamics 365 online.

Could you please let us know if there is any other way of using Aspose.Word and Aspose.PDF.




When Aspose.Words saves a document, it needs to create temporary internal structures. By default, these internal structures are created in memory and the memory usage spikes for a short period while the document is being saved. When saving is complete, the memory is freed and reclaimed by the garbage collector. So, Aspose.Words does not save any file at disk.

It looks like Aspose.Words for .NET cannot be used in Dynamics CRM Online plugins because those plugins have to be sandboxed. Instead, Aspose.Words Cloud is web-based REST API so it can be used. We have recently released Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for .NET library.

We suggest you please use Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for .NET. Hope this helps you.

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