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Aspose.Word Evaluation problem

Hi, I downloaded the latest version of Aspose.Word 3.1.3 to evaluate it. I installed it, went to the IIS manager, right-clicked on the application icon “Aspose.Word.Demos.VisualBasic” and clicked on Browse. IIS showed an error page saying that this line has a problem:

<%@ Application Codebehind="Global.asax.vb" Inherits="Aspose.Word.Demos.VisualBasic.Global" %>

error on line 1 from file:

C:\Program Files\Aspose\Aspose.Word\Demos\Aspose.Word.Demos.VisualBasic\global.asax

My Windows 2003 server is in Chinese so I just posted the English parts that it showed. I tried understanding the cryptic Chinese error explanation and it seems to be saying that there was a problem with initializing the component object…

Does this error message look familiar? What should I do to fix it? I just want to evaluate it for now until I successfully know how to use it before I pay for it. Do I need to tweak anything after the .msi installer installs aspose.word?

Did some more googling and found out that maybe the error has something to do with the AssemblyName and RootNamespace but found out that both names are correct in Aspose.Word.Demos.VisualBasic.vbproj. Am I missing some DLLs? Do I need to install VS.NET 2003? How do I check to see if everything is installed correctly? This is the first time I installed Aspose.Word on a fresh system so I’m not sure what’s wrong… I need to test Aspose.Word out ASAP. Thanks!

Aspose.Word is a component (a .dll basically) and you are supposed to have some development environment such as VS.NET 2003 installed if you want to use it. Aspose.Word does not require a development environment, but how how otherwise would you use a component?

The demos that are shipped with Aspose.Word are source code - they are not compiled.

If you need a working online demo, see this https://demos.aspose.com/
This is the same demo that is included with the product.

Ok, so the system requirement is to have VS.NET 2003 installed as well. What if I want to use it in Classic ASP pages? Do I still need to install VS.NET 2003?

I would like to use the evaluation version to test it out on my own projects first. Is this possible?

Nevermind, Classic ASP + Aspose.Word works seamlessly! Despite the garbage text, I can test Aspose.word and get familiar with it as of now until I’m ready to purchase.