Aspose.Word - Events not fired which copies the metadata

We have Aspose.Word installed within our SharePoint 2013 environment. We have an Event Handler on ItemAdded event to copy the metadata from the source DOC onto the converted PDF.
When we convert a document using Aspose.Word, it appears the events are not fired as there are no metadata copied. The events are fired and the meta-data is copied when we drag and drop a PDF document using native SharePoint functionality.
Has anybody seen this issue before? What could be potential solution options?

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for your inquiry. Are you converting document to PDF using Aspose.Words for SharePoint programmatically or using the SharePoint UI? Can you please insert break point in ItemAdded event and run your application in debug mode to see if the control actually goes inside event handler or not. Please also provide complete steps that we can follow to be able to reproduce this issue on our end.

Best regards,