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Aspose.word for Dot net 5

Hi There!

Currently, we are using Aspose.word v16.8 in dot net framework 4.6 project. Please suggest if we can use same Aspose.word v16.8 with dot net core? if yes, could you please provide steps. If no, what is alternate solution?


16.8 is a very old version of Aspose.Words and it does not support .NET Core at all. Alternatively, you can use the latest (21.1) version of Aspose.Words for .NET as it supports .NET Core and .NET 5. Please check following sections of documentation:

Thank you awais.hafeez for the response.

We would like to know if the latest Aspose.word version is compatible with Framework v4.8?
The link you have shared mentiones about v4.7.2 but not framework v4.8


Yes, the latest 21.1 version of Aspose.Words for .NET supports .NET Framework 4.8. We will update the documentation soon.