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Aspose.Word.PleaseReportException: Drop down form field in old format

Several of our customers using Aspose.word are getting the following error with the attached file and others. We are calling MailMerge and ProtectDocument. Can you help us with this?
System Exception occurred Aspose.Word.PleaseReportException: Drop down form field in old format. For free technical support, please post this error and the file in the Aspose.Word Forums at ब.ຑ..ctor(FieldType fieldType, BinaryReader reader) at ೦.ᄵ.ᅊ(੟ ೺, Int32 ᅋ) at ೦.ᄵ.ᅉ(Char ྖ, Int32 ൿ, ੟ ೺, ༺ ೻) at ೦.ᄵ.ᅂ(੟ ೺, ༺ ೻, ᅕ ᅀ, Int32 ࠎ, Int32 ۆ) at ೦.ᄵ.ᅁ(Int32 ೳ) at ೦.ᄵ.ᄿ(ᅕ ᅀ) at ೦.ᄵ.Ԉ(Int32 ᄾ, Int32 ۆ) at ೦.ᄵ.Ԉ() at ೦.೥.ۋ() at Aspose.Word.Document.Ֆ(Stream Ւ, String ৒, LoadFormat દ, String ܒ) at Aspose.Word.Document..ctor(String fileName, LoadFormat loadFormat, String password) at Aspose.Word.Document..ctor(String fileName) at Aspose.Asposeword.getDocument(String filePath)

Thanks for reporting the issue, I hope to resolve this in 2-3 days.

This document seems to contain two strange (damaged) drop down form fields that MS Word does not really show as drop down fields, but it shows their field codes if you use Alt+F9 to toggle display of field codes. The drop down fields are after text" staff, or mail it to: , " on page 6. You can workaround if you delete these fields. I’ve added resiliency logic to ignore such damaged fields, will release in Aspose.Word 3.3.2 soon.