Aspose.Word Required Web Environment



I have a web product hosted on Windows 2003 web servers, this web product uses standard ASP, can I use Aspose.Word directly from Active Server pages without needing to use ASP.NET or any other components?

Also can I set up Mail Merge options to use data from a SQL Server 2000 database?



Hi Scolling,

I think it could work given these requirements are met:

1. You need to install .Net Framework 1.0 or higher (don’t need to run ASP.NET though, just install the framework).
2. Have a COM wrapper for Aspose.Word and call it from your ASP pages. I forgot what the name for this thing in .Net (primary interop assembly maybe?).
3. You need to have Aspose.Word license for Windows platform, not Web. Evaluation license will work work as well.
4. To pass data into Aspose.Word you need to use DataTable class which is from ADO.NET class library. I’m not sure, but you probably can also use a COM wrapper to populate this object and pass to Aspose.Word. I think .Net Framework should already have COM wrappers for its classes included.

So what I will do:
1. Generate a COM wrapper for Aspose.Word and send to you. I will inlude the wrapper in later installations.
2. Check whether you can use DataTable from COM to pass data to Aspose.Word.

Do you want to proceed? Do you mind installing .Net Framework on your server?


Thanks, potentially this sounds okay - The servers I use are set up to support ASP.NET, its just the this application hasn’t yet been migrated primarily due to commerical requirements, but also the need to gain the required skills.

Maybe you could advise me if it is possible to develop ASP.NET pages to handle all the interfacing with your product, and call these from the standard ASP product - is this possible? And if so, would it mean that I could use the web version of Aspose.Word directly without the need of a COM wrapper?

In the meantime I’m looking into your solution to see if that is possible for our servers.



I’ve just had this from theTech support for our servers - does this make any aspect of my using this product any easier?

Full .Net support is ready on all servers. Please note it is version 1.1 so you should test it all out on your webspace with us before you purchase a licence from them in case of any issues. I dont see that there would be a problem though.



Aspose.Word is developed using .Net 1.0, but all our components run on .Net 1.1 too. You can go ahead and try everything with our free evaluation version. It has full features, no expiration date, just embeds emaluation watermark into produced documents. The evaluation version also includes demo project that can be helpful.

Yes, it might be easier to encapsulate it in ASP.Net page and pass all necessary parameters into it rathern than have to deal with COM wrappers.

Let me know if you need further help.


is there an example apsx page avalible, ?



Do you mean aspx page that you can request from within older ASP application?

There is no exact example for that, but there are sample aspx pages in the demos included in Aspose.Word installer. Also look in the documentation for more examples on how to use Aspose.Word.

In any case the actual aspx code is almost nothing, this type of page should only:
1. Retrieve some parameters (what to do) from the query string or from posted form parameters. Use Request object to access query and form parameters.
2. Invoke Aspose.Word to do the processing (examples available in demos and documentation)
3. Send output document to the client browser (if that’s what you want) examples available in demos and documentation.