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Aspose Word to PDF Issues

Please provide advice on following issues. According to the PDF team, some of these issues are caused by Aspose.words


We are working on this issue in touch with Aspose.Pdf team. You’ll be informed of the outcome here in this thread.

Please provide your input on following comment by Aspose.PDF Team, it looks like Aspose.word is not converting the HTML correctly. Thanks. (Page 2)

"I found when I copy the table from the HTML and then paste it into Word document it worked well. It has nothing to do with the outer table. I guess you are using Aspose.Words to put the HTML table into the Word document. Please report the problem to the Aspose.Words team."

Tommy Wang
Lead Developer
Aspose Changsha Team


This is the way Aspose.Words currently handles table layout. At the moment it is more similar to browsers algorithms than to Word ones. However, it appears Word processes some special cases differently and this applies to your particular document. We are planning to adjust the table layout engine so that the result of importing tables will be more similar to Word.

I will try to correct your HTML so that the result of importing will be more adequate.