Aspose.Word version and Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library issue


My project has a reference to Aspose.Word version to generate letters and mailing labels. I also added a reference to Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library typelib version 8.3 so that I can print the letters and the mailing labels. When I compile, I get an error on the following line of code, "

Word.SetLicense(strPath & "\Aspose.Report.lic").

The error states, 'SetLicense' is not a member of 'Word'.

It looks like when I add the .COM reference(Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library) to the project, it breaks Aspose.Word.

Much appreciated your input on this. Thanks. Sofia


Use the fully qualified class name Aspose.Word.Word.SetLicense.

By the way, 1.9 is a pretty old version, I suggest you consider upgrading since handling of Word documents has matured and advanced greatly in Aspose.Words.