Aspose.Words Documentation Updated and Reorganized

We have uploaded an updated version of the Aspose.Words Documentation.
There were three interesting changes:

  • Programmer’s Guide reorganized to follow the Aspose.Words “mantra” (Conversion, Programming, Rendering, Reporting).
  • Technical Articles grouped according to the “mantra” as well and turned into How-to sections in the Programmer’s Guide.
  • Several new How-to articles published.

Programmer’s Guide Reorganized
When you are working with Aspose.Words you are doing one of the following:

  • Loading, saving or converting documents.
  • Programming with the Document Object Model.
  • Filling a document with data using our Mail Merge Engine
  • Printing or converting a document pages to images or fixed-layout formats.

The Programmer’s Guide was reorganized into chapters to relfect these four main feature areas so you can find the right information easier.
Technical Articles merged into the Programmer’s Guide
Technical Articles used to be a top-level element in the documentation and it was growing independently of the Programmer’s Guide. With many articles we were not sure whether it should belong in the Programmer’s Guide or in the Technical Articles. We think that it was also a confusion to the readers. Having read the Programmer’s Guide you could have missed just the right related topic in a technical article.
So we merged Technical Articles into the Programmer’s Guide. The existing technical articles became the How-to topics in the new Programmer’s Guide.
Now each chapter in the Programmer’s Guide begins with one or more introductory or conceptual topics that explain what is possible in general and why things are done the way they are. The procedural topics (also known as How-To) follow. The How-To topics usually take one real programming task and show how it can be done with Aspose.Words step by step.
New How-to Articles
There is a number of new articles that we’ve added to the documentation. We wanted to deliver value to you asap so we released early and therefore some articles bear the “draft” status. This means the article is still to be polished by our professional reviewers.
The new articles are:

Where to get the Articles and Documentation Source Code
In an earlier post I have written that we’ve made all the source code available to download as a single ZIP file. Well, one for Aspose.Words for .NET and another for Aspose.Words for Java.