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Aspose.Words Evaluation Mode Limitation is going to change - this is your last chance to comment

When Aspose.Words is used without a license, it injects an evaluation watermark text at the top of produced documents.

There are no other limitations imposed by the Evaluation Mode at the moment and we feel like we need to add some in the soon cooming Aspose.Words 4.0.

In the before, we had a mechanism where random garbage text was injected at random places in the produced documents, but that was a source of endless support questions like "is it a buffer overrun?" although the watermark message at the top of the document clearly stated that the garbage was part of the evaluation mode. We listened to the users and removed random garbage text, but we feel we need to add something instead.

At the moment we are considering limiting output documents to a certain size. Let's say that the produced documents come out no more than 5-10 pages long. There will be a usual Evaluation Mode message at the top, plus a Document Truncated message at the bottom of the document.

If you have anything against this, please speak up.