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Aspose.Words export to Text query

We have special requirement. We need to print reports generated in our application (using MSSQL Reporting services) directly to a dot-matrix printer. We expect that the speed of printing to be as fast as ‘DOS based printing’.

Now, we are attempting to EXPORT a report generated in our application (and RDLC report) to text. We have some code which can insert escape sequences into text and send to a dot matrix printer. We need to know the following questions:

1. We have developed rdlc reports in Visual Studio 2008. These are rendered when we run the application. What configuration needs to be done on a client machine which connects to the MSSQL server?

2. We can currently export only to Excel or PDF (the default). However, we want to export to a TXT file. It is VERY important that formatting is maintained!! Will Aspose.words retain the format?. Its ok if the thickness (bold), lines etc. are not exported… we can insert then using escape sequnces.

Do let us know if Aspose.Words is the right tool for this? :slight_smile:
- Shailesh Patil