Aspose Words for Reporting Services

Greetings. I am having a problem with creating a report through Visual Studio – we are using Visual Studio 2008 with Report Server Project template. The goal we have is to create a letter with different header for page 1 as for the other pages. The report works perfectly when viewing as an rdl or when exporting to pdf.

However, with Word, it seems that Word is taking the page header section for page 1 and not keeping the fidelity of the rdl for other pages.

I created this by using a header whose visibility I can control with an expression. However, this does not work when exporting to Word.

An alternative is to say do not show header on first page, which does not work where we print more than one letter per rdl. So we re-start the numbering at 1 after a specific rectangle. This also does not get carried over in the export from the rdl to Word.

A long explanation–but I am wondering please if Aspose Words for Reporting Services will somehow address these current limitations in Sql Server 2008R2’s implementation of SSRS? Thank you!

Agraha, MCN, Seattle

PS We currently have several Aspose products, but not yet the Aspose Words for Reporting Services.

Hi Agraha,

Thanks for your query. It would be great, If you share your RDL file along with data source for investigation purposes.