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Aspose.Words GUI editor

I know Aspose has a series of APIs for manipulating RTF files, but does it have a full editor?

We have a software product that produces an RTF document and then opens it in MS Word for the user to make any final edits before processing it further.

For various reasons, we want to remove the dependency on MS Word, so is there a current version of Aspose.Editor that would do this? We already use Aspose as part of the process for converting the RTF to PDF, if required, so would be good to stick within that family.


Thanks for your inquiry. Please note that we discontinued Aspose.Editor.

Our sister company offers a viewer app which you may consider including in your application to view the various file formats. With GroupDocs apps, you can also have limited editing functionalities. For more information, we suggest you please contact GroupDocs support.