Aspose words in aspx client side

can aspose for .net be used in aspx to simulate Google docs​ functional​ity
I mean online doc edit. We need to allow user to edit their documents (MS Word)
manually and online.


Thank you for your interest.
Unfortunately we do not have this capability. Most likely you will need to develop a visual wrapper yourself or turn to other third-party components. Yet look at what can Aspose.Words. Perhaps it will be useful in your project.

Hi there,

Thanks for your inquiry. Sure, of course you can use Aspose.Words as the base for a document editor. Please note though, that Aspose.Words is a class library used to programmatically work with documents, it does not include an editor as well.

However you can use Aspose.Words as the base of which to create your editor on, although this will take some extra coding from you.