Aspose Words Jasper Report - Graph Image is cutoff by 90% when the report is email to another user

Dear Technical Support,
We are a current customer and purchased Aspose. Words Jasper Report for Jasper Report. We are currently experiencing a major issue with graphs imported to a word document using your product.
User download the information using the ASPOSE software and the word document is download as RTF version. User have to re-save the document as word Doc. file and work on editing the text and graph image. When the document is saved and finalized, user send the final doc via Microsoft Outlook Email to manager for review and approval, and the graphic image (bar chart) are cutoff by 90%. This happens even when an user cut and paste the graphs into the word document and sent via Microsoft Outlook.
This bug happens when the document is sent to an user via email, and 50% of the images that are cut and paste will get cutoff by 90% leaving the image showing with a thin line at the bottom of the image.
Please help and troubleshoot this bug. Thanks in advance for your help.


Thanks for your request. I logged your request into our defect database. The developer, who is responsible for Aspose.Words for JasperReports will answer you shortly.
Best regards,