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Aspose.words.License- Aspose.Pdf.License

We had to resetup our server from scrach, but was able to restore our web sites.

Problem is now aspose.word aspose.pdf refuse to work.

I installed the program looks like it installed corretly, but no luck.

I redownloaded the aspose.total.lic. but how do I install it?

Hi Kris,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Please ensure you have followed the steps found on applying licenses documentation here for Aspose.Words and here for Aspose.Pdf

If this does not help, could you please elaborate further regarding how exactly the licese is not working? Is it throwing any exception? or does it just leave an evaluation watermark in your generated documents?

If you are including the license file in the folder with the Aspose.Words.dll/Aspose.Pdf.dll you may want to try including it with your application .exe instead. If this has no effect you should then try referencing the license by an explict path (pass the full path to your license file to the SetLicense method) and see if that works.


This is my code sample:

'* ============ Open Word & Save to Aspose.Pdf XML ============ */
Set lic = Server.CreateObject("Aspose.Words.License")

Setting the following error:

Server object, ASP 0177 (0x8000FFFF)
POST Data: error '80020009'

Hi Kris,

Thanks for this additonal information.

Please check you have followed the instructions found in this article here on working via COM interop. Does this error occur if you skip setting the license altogether and simply create a Document object in Aspose.Words instead?

If these suggestions do not help, I suggest you try to:

  1. Unregister and then re-register the DLL again.
  2. Check that the object is installed properly
  3. Check that their is sufficent permission to access the DLL.

Is there any other information produced when the error occurs on your side?