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Aspose.Words on X64 OS

Hi, i’m using Aspose.Words ver
When i’m trying to run the sample project (bundle with aspose installer) on HP Proliant (XEON CPU - with Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2 integrated),
an uninvited messagebox occured in my screen (attached the error messagebox).

If i comment this line of code
The MessageBox didn’t show.

How should i deal with this? Should i buy a newer version?
I thought all version of Aspose.Word component run well on X64 OS.
Thanks for your fast response.

this error messagebox produced by running the sample program without using visual studio 2005 (run it directly from the executable file).

If i’m running it on a debug mode (via VS2005), the problem didn’t occured.

(i’m using VS2005, windows application, .NET 2.0).

We have had in fact several reports of the similar problems when running ASP.NET application in x64 environment. I have searched on the web and found that there are multiple reports of the similar occurences with other .NET components. The error itself does not seem to be related to any particular .NET code and can occur for one build and does not occur for a slightly different build. Looks like it is the runtime problem but MS has not addressed it yet in its knowledge base.

So the best option is to try a newer version of Aspose.Words, e.g. 4.2.6 which was released recently.

basically, its not a problem if thats the only way out (buy a newer version).
Could you provide me a trial version of ver.4.2.6 (maybe a 7 day trial),
so i could tested it on my project first and make sure this way solved the problem.


PS: my bos want me to solve this problem by the end of this week. I hope, you could provide me the trial version, to show him Aspose.Word ver.4.2.6 solved the problem.

Yes, you can easily get the fully functional trial version for 30 days. Just follow the instructions here:

thanks for your flash response, i’ve received it. and will try it now. Hope it’ll solve all my problem.

nice. Problem solved.

I’m able to uncomment license.SetLicense(licenseFile)

and my application work fine.

Now i’m gonna test the others features, hope they work great too.


Hi. i’ve tested Aspose.Words v4.2.6.
It solved my 64bit problem. But i found another issue.
On previous version (3.7.1), i use aspose.words to generate web page from word document.
I use aspose to develop a simple eLearning web application.

codes i used are described as bellow :
– create temporary html document.

  1. doc.Save(Me.MapPath(htmlUrl), SaveFormat.FormatHtml)

– read html document into string
2. Dim readText As String = File.ReadAllText(Me.MapPath(htmlUrl), Encoding.UTF8)

– replace specific string “%opt” into radiobutton
3. readText = readText.Replace("%optA", “”)

– overwrite html file after replacing all “%opt” string
4. File.WriteAllText(Me.MapPath(“Temp/tempDocument.html”), readText)

  1. include html file in aspx page.

in this case i use “%opt” to populate radiobutton.

Above technique work fine when i use ASpose.Words 3.7.1.
But, in Aspose.Words 4.6.2. the generated html file didn’t created as i expected. Some character were rendered differently.

For example : empty space character into A character

" character into `` character

Then, i realize the problem lies in this code “Encoding.UTF8”. i tried all type of encoding, but they have same result.
If i comment these code (step 2 & 3), the result file (html file) created as i expected.
But i couldn’t get radiobutton on my web page.

I use the same techniques but i have a different result.
Aspose.Words 3.7.1 and Aspose.Words 4.2.6 responsed differently on my codes.

maybe theres a new feature in Aspose.Words 4.2.6 that i could use to replace my current codes?

Yes, that is a known problem and it is already in our defect base (issue #1552). To workaround please check the code example given in the end of following thread:


Please let me know if it solves your problem.

Best regards,

nice!!! it solve my problem.

btw, i have another question.

Is it possible for Aspose.Words 4.2.6
to protect a word document with password?

so, user must input password first in order to view the word document.

Sorry, but please tell me once more, is it the first or a second type? Because 2nd type is fully supported already.

ups…my bad.

i mean the first type.

Continued in <A href="

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-1724) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.