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Aspose.Words or Pdf?

we would like to reimplement out reporting solution, so I am testing the Words and the Pdf library from Aspose.
Our first idee was to use Aspose.Words to convert Rtf Documents into EMF, SVG or PNG, and after that to use Aspose.PDF to generate the PDF reports. In the first tests we had some performance problems with Aspose.PDF at bigger documents.
I recenlty saw an example, where Aspose.Words saves the document into PDF. Now I am confused! Could you help me, which library is suitable for us?
Our use case in short:
-The output is PDF
-The output can be huge, 5000+ pages
-The report contains huge tables, with RTF texts in the cells (RTF can be converted into SVG, EMF, PNG, no problem), with long texts in the cells, over more pages
-Font fallback should work
-Contains unicode characters, some complex characters too
-Can contain images: JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP
-Can contan texts with custom fonts
As you can see, we want just generate documents, but not manipulate them. Do we really need Aspose.PDF? Or has Aspose.Words a better performance in this case?


In your case, we suggest you please use the Aspose.Words. With Aspose.Words, you can generate reports using LINQ Reporting or Mail Merge engine.

You can convert RTF document into EMF, SVG or PNG and PDF. You can work with tables, text, images etc. and save the final document to PDF. Please read the documentation of Aspose.Words for .NET from here:
Aspose.Words for .NET

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