Aspose Words Overlay vs Watermark


We use Aspose Words for .Net v9.4.0.0 to convert a word document to PDF. I read word document in filestream and then apply watermark and convert to pdf.

Can we apply a PDF overlay instead of watermark?




Thanks for your request. I’m afraid there is no way to do it. Watermark in MS Word document is just a shape inserted in document’s header. As you know, all content of document’s header/footer is always behind the main content of the document.

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Can this be done with Aspose.PDF where I can open an existing PDF and write a overlay text on top of it and create a new PDF dynamically. The overlay text are required to be on first or last page and on everyother page header and footer.

Please suggest a sample code if possible.

Hello Surya,

Thanks for your inquiry. I think, you can achieve this using Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

Hope this helps.

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