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Aspose.words possibillities!?!


I wonder if aspose.word can solve my problem?

Here is my problem.

I have a web-server thats available for my customers/clients.
They run the application on the web-server.
When they want to open a document they need to get the document from a document-server which is not available to the clients. They need to comunicate with the document-server through a virtul-directory on the web-server (IIS).
Is it possible to use aspose.word to solve this?

Aspose.Word can be used in any .NET application on the server or on the client. Aspose.Word can open, save, mail merge and provide programmatic access to the content of a Word document. Sorry if that does not answer your question directly, but that’s as much as I can gather from your question at the moment.


I’m going to be spesific now.
Here is my spesific problem:

As explained in the last question. The clients needs to open a document on a doc-server. The doc-server is accessed through a virtual directory (vd) on my web server.
So a path to a document may look like this:

When I use Microsofts .dll in a script:

set objWord = CreateObject(“Word.Application”)
objWord.Visible = true
objWord.Documents.Open strLocation

it works to some degree.
The problem is that the document is opened as write protected, an the vd has full access (read/write).
This means that the users cant save the document back to the server as they r suposed to do.

According to microsoft:
this has somthing to do with their .dll (I think)

My question about aspose is really this then.

If I use aspose.word can I :
Open a document through a virtual directory (IIS)
and save it back to the server??

Unfortunately, Aspose.Word does not allow to load the documents directly using URI. However, we will log this as a feature request in order to implement in the future. With regard to a possibility to upload the documents to a server, we currently have no idea how this should be implemented.