Aspose.Words: Printed Watermark


Is there any functionality in Aspose.Words that corresponds to the Word Printed Watermark feature? Specifically the ability to use text as the watermarking value?

We would like to allow the user to specify what text appears as the background watermark and allow the user to easily remove the watermark at a later time.

We want to avoid using Images in the headers if possible, because the documents can have multiple sections with different headers and footers and removing the water marks at a later time would be a painful process.

Thanks in advance,



If you insert text or image using Microsoft Word watermark feature - it actually creates a textbox or image shape and places it in the headers of the document. So technically speaking to achieve watermark text or image you have to have a shape in every header. It is just Microsoft Word makes it easier in its GUI. We don't have this shortcut in Aspose.Words yet, but we might consider adding it in the future.

For the time being you need to go through every header and insert what you want there either using DocumentBuilder or directly via the nodes.

It will become much easier to create images or textboxes or any other auto shape when we release the shapes API end of August.