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How can I get a Table of Contents to appear in Word (docx) when exporting from a RDL ?

Hi Neil

Thanks for your query. Please read the following thread link for your kind reference. Hope this helps you. let me know, If you need further assistance.


I have read through this and unfortunately was not clear to me what is required.

I have added a textbox in the body of the report above the tablix. I set the tooltip to STYLE=“Heading 1”. When exported to docx the text was not styled ? For the TOC tooltip - which textbox would that go into ?

An rdl example would be helpful.

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Please accept my apologies for late response.

Regrading your following question. I have tried to understand your query but unfortunately I have not completely understand your query. It would be great, If you share some more detail about your query.

How can I get a Table of Contents to appear in Word (docx) when exporting from a RDL ?
								<br></font></blockquote><font face="Arial" size="2">Please read the <a href="">features</a> of Aspose.Words for SSRS. It would be really helpful, If you share your RDL file along with data source for investigation purposes.<br> <br></font>

Thanks - based on the following link

I understand that I can define a table of contents and headings using textboxes for word (docx)

Attached is a rdl that when exported to docx does not have a Heading 1 style applied.
My question is firstly why is it not exporting with the heading 1 style and then it is not clear to me how to make docx file display a table of contents.

Hi Neil,

Thanks for sharing the
information. Please check the output file font (Tahoma 20). You set the
value of ToolTip as STYLE=“Heading 1”. The output file is exported the
fonts correctly, Please see attached image files.

Regarding your question about Table of Contents. I regret to share with you that we are not still clear about your question. It would be really helpful, If you share about TOC in SSRS in detail.

Please read features of Aspose.Words for SSRS.

There are not image files attached ?

According to the thread I pasted above it says if I set STYLE=“Heading 1”, I should see Heading 1 as the style in MS word 2010. But as you said it shows “Tahoma” - that is incorrect ?

TOC = Table of Contents, again the thread above indicates it is possible to generate a table of contents with aspose for reporting services. I am asking how ?

Hi Neil,

My apologies, Please check the attached images. I regret to share with you that Aspose.Words for SSRS does not support the creation of TOC feature in RDL. Aspose.Words exports RDL file to following file formats.

  • DOC - Microsoft Word documents
  • DOCX - Office Open XML documents
  • RTF - Rich Text Format documents
  • XML - WordprocessingML documents
  • HTML - Hypertext Markup Language documents
  • MHTML – Web Archive (MIME HTML) documents
  • ODT – OpenOffice/StarOffice documents
  • TXT - Plain Text documents
  • XPS – XML Paper Specification
  • EPUB – Electronic Publications

Hope this answers your query. Please let us know, If you have any more queries.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you confirm what the post is referring to then ?


Sorry again for such a delay. Please find attached. Use the ToolTip property for specifying the TOC and TOC entries:

  • Enter TOC for a textbox intended to be rendered as a TOC
  • Enter STYLE=“StyleName” to designate a style for a textbox

Let me know how it goes and what should be improved.

Dmitry Vorobyev
Fields and Reporting Team Leader
Aspose Auckland Team

Hi Neil,

I have asked for the details about above mentioned post from Dmitry. There might be some technique in SSRS to set the tool tip value of textbox to STYLE=“StyleName”, and it create the TOC.

As soon as any information is shared by him, I will be more then happy to share that with you.