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Aspose.Words with WordML

Are you suggesting the following steps?

  1. Load the document into Aspose.Words
  2. Do work
  3. Save it
  4. Open it in Microsoft Word
  5. Save it

If so this won’t help.


I have another issue to report. See the attached Zip file for examples.

I’ve included the original Word document and the PDF document after it’s been converted to PDF using Aspose. I’ve also included a PDF that was converted from Word using Adobe.

  1. Borders have square corners. The original has rounded corners.
  2. Text is not going to new pages appropriately. “Keep Together” is being used to keep certain blocks of text together on a page. Word and Adobe handle it correctly. Aspose seems to ignore it.

Thank you

Hello again.

Thank you for reporting these new issues.

Regarding #5012 I suggested a workaround that I tried myself. I don’t know all the sequence of operations you perform but just sharing what I found. Sorry if this doesn’t suit your needs. Anyway this issue is being addressed and most probably will be fixed in the next public build. Right now I’m working on it.

I investigated the other issues you are describing.

  1. This is currently by design. Not all autoshapes are supported. Known issue number is #4978. These two shapes are the rounded rectangles. MS Word defines about 200 types of autoshapes. In general, every shape should be rendered form individual template or even with individual algorithm. We practice implementing them on demand if only some particular shapes are requested. Implementing all shapes is a really great challenge but most of them were never seen in real documents.

We can consider supporting rounded rectangles or whatever else you’d like to have. Just tell us what shapes and what priorities you associate with them. (The more you request the less overall priority of the task will be.) To test what is supported you can convert the file I’m attaching with the post.

  1. Problem with “keep together” and “keep with next” options should be fixed in Aspose.Pdf. I’ll notify out colleagues. Aspose.Words properly outputs corresponding attributes. I saw the issue in several places. To illustrate, this is a fragment from the intermediate Aspose.Pdf XML file with “k)” and “l)” list items and the very next empty paragraph:
<Text MarginLeft="18" FirstLineIndent="-18" IsSpaced="true" Alignment="Justify" IsKeptTogether="true" IsKeptWithNext="true" LineSpacing="1.65">



Home health services performed by a licensed home health agency which a physician has prescribed in lieu of hospital confinement, provided the hospital confinement would have been covered.

<Text MarginLeft="18" FirstLineIndent="-18" IsSpaced="true" Alignment="Justify" IsKeptTogether="true" IsKeptWithNext="true" LineSpacing="1.65">



Mental illness, alcohol, drug and chemical dependency expense. These charges must be incurred while confined in a hospital, psychiatric hospital or alcoholism treatment facility. Coverage is limited to 30 days.

Please let us know if you have any other feedback. Sharing your experience is much appreciated.

Best regards,

Save Edit

I’m being asked by our project team for an update on these outstanding issues. Can you provide me with an expected data of resolution?



Here is current state of the issues:

#5011 – still open. We plan to address it before the next hotfix, in approximately 1-2 weeks.

#5012 – fixed in the current codebase. Will be available with the next hotfix.

#1219 – is not planned to be fixed in considerable future. We expect that workaround is suitable for you as you wrote.

#4327 – has been reopened from your request. The same as in #1219, UpdateTableLayout() corrects the case.

#4978 – with autoshapes, in particular rounded rectangles. As I wrote, I’m open for discussion of what shapes you treat important for implementation. Please provide your opinion.



I have addressed #5011. We cannot fix this quickly. So please consider using workarounds. When I re-saved this document with MS Word is the same format it rendered to PDF without problems. Also I can recommend you avoiding relative table and cell width (in percentage). There can be some trouble with updating such tables. Usually that’s enough to call UpdateTableLayout but not in case with percentage width.

Please let me know your opinion regarding any autoshapes you’d like to be supported (#4978).

Best regards,

Attached is a zip file with two documents containing the autoshapes that we use.



Thank you for additional materials. We’ll consider implementing export of rounded rectangle and provide you more information here.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as 5012) have been fixed in this update.

I now get this error.

Server Error in ‘/AccountLogin’ Application.

Unknown sub element in Border element. The element name is Box.

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.ApplicationException: Unknown sub element in Border element. The element name is Box.

Source Error:

Line 369: Line 370: Pdf pdfDoc = new Pdf(); Line 371: pdfDoc.BindXML(tempDoc, null); Line 372: pdfDoc.Save(outDoc); Line 373:

Source File: d:\Inetpub\Test.Secure.FslIns.Com\AccountLogin\App_Code\Package.cs Line: 371


Thank you for your inquiry. Please upgrade to Aspose.Pdf 3.7.0:



Thanks for your request. I think that you should also upgrade Aspose.Pdf to the latest version. You can download the latest version of Aspose.Pdf from here.

Best regards.

We’re still having most of the issues. I would like to talk to someone on the phone. Can we arrange a conversation for tomorrow?



Sorry for inconvenience. We usually provide technical support in the forum or via Live Chat. (See the button on the right-top of the page.) And we try to be as responsive as possible. Due to timezone differences and the fact English is not native for the most of us it would be difficult to communicate on the phone.

Please enumerate here the issues that were not addressed. In this release we really fixed not all of the issues considered. But we logged every addressed issue and will fix them in the future. If you’d like us to pay attention on anything else just point it.


Here is my understanding or all of the outstanding issues.

05/05/2008 Issue 5011 – Table doesn’t print full width of page.

What is the suggested work-around?

05/05/2008 Issue 5012 – Page numbering.

Fixed. Thank you.

05/16/2008 Issue 4978 – Certain autoshapes not supported.

You have agreed to add requested autoshapes. I supplied a document containing all of the shapes we use. Do you have an estimated date?

5/16/2008 ??? - Keep together not working in PDFs

I don’t know the issue number for this one. Can you provide it? I also don’t have record of a work-around. Is their one?

You gave me an update on issues 1219 and 4327 but I don’t know which problems the issue numbers are assigned to.

Thank you.


Thank you for clarification.

As a workaround for #5011 you can just load and save the document in the same format with MS Word. That’s the same as for #5012.

Regarding #4978 I investigated your document and found only one shape that should be supported: rounded rectangle. I separated this feature to a distinct issue #5484 since #4978 is a generic request to support all autoshapes. In the future I’ll give updates on #5484. It is certainly to be implemented in the next hotfix, about 3-4 weeks from now.

Regarding “keep with next” this should be fixed in Aspose.Pdf. I already wrote about this and showed our colleagues this thread. If you’d like to remind them please create a new thread in their forum and refer this one.

Regarding other issues that were referred by my colleague Alexey. They certainly introduce the same technical problem and should be considered for fixing together. Workarounds are the same: load and save the document with MS Word.

#1219 – Table layout algorithm does not work for “merged cells” that are simply wide

#4327 – A table is changed after open/save WML file


Concerning issue 5011, opening the document in Microsoft Word would require manual intervention. This is not acceptable for the process in which this is imbedded. We have no opportunity for manual intervention. Are there any other work-arounds? What is the estimated date for the fix?



Sorry for delay. I have consulted with responsible developer. We’ll try to take measures on #5011 in 2-3 weeks. There is no easy workaround. But if we unable to fix this we’ll try to invent some programmatic workaround.


Is there an issue number associated with the “Keep together” that I need to talk about with the other group?



Since they are not responding please create a thread in Aspose.Pdf forum. I cannot give you the number because I don’t see their part of defect database.

P.S. #5484 has been fixed in the current codebase and will be available with the next hotfix.