AsposeCells - Out of memory when creating Workbook object

Hello Support,

There have been some Out of memory issues recently while creating Workbook object of some excel files. So, can you please recommend us following:

  • What is the maximum Excel file size that Aspose Cells supports?

  • And what are the system configuration recommendations when working with large sized excel files? in terms of memory/CPU and memory to be allocated to JVM process?



  1. There is no such limit put forth by Aspose.Cells. You may use a file with any size to be processed by Aspose.Cells API. But make sure you have good resources (memory, cpu, etc.) when dealing with bigger files.

  2. A good machine (64-bit) having sufficient RAM and better cpu are always recommended for processing large files. Please note Aspose.Cells would require at least 10 times or more memory of the size of the file for the process (read/write, etc.). This is not always final as it also depends upon the complexity of the file itself.

Furthermore, we also recommend you to use MemoryPreference option (enabled) when reading large files via Aspose.Cells object model.