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AsposeGrid in Iframe- Javascript missing

i placed the AsposeGrid on normal pages and it worked just fine.
i used a button outside the Grid to submit, so i added calls to the javascript functions updateData and validateAll. it worked fine.
now i created a second webpage to include the grid on an iframe on my normal page.
the button on the mainpage now submits the page in the iframe. there the forms’ onsubmit-event calls updateData and validateAll.
the page is submited as expected but it seems the javascript-functions aren’t called.
back in asp the asposeGrid has no modifiedCells.
for me it seems the necessary js-file isn’t generated.
but even on a normal page i can’t find the updateData and ValidateAll-Funtions, the generated javascript-file does contain other function like ValidatorHookupEvent.
how can i verify that ValidateAll and UpdateData are accessible?
or if my problems sound familiar to you any help would be appreciated.


Could you try and upgrade to latest version Aspose.Grid.Web ( as we have done some enhancements:

Thank you.