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Aspouse.Word printing?

Can Aspouse.Word print to a local printer or print to a file? As an alternative to server side automation of Word, we would like to be able to print Word documents to a PCL file.

Hi Captaris,

Aspose.Word cannot render documents to display or to printer and it is not likely to support this very soon.

Maybe you can reply here or email to a brief description of the solution you are trying to build and why you need to print Word documents. It will help us to evaluate feasibility of implementing this feature.

Hi Captaris,

Thanks for the sample document.

We are going to implement viewing and printing control. Check back in 2 months or so.

I’m seeing several message where you say you are going to implement printing (and a few with viewing). These are all dated some time back. What is the status of these features? I evaluating Aspose.Word and have to solve these two problems. I know I can solve them by other means, but it would be REALLY NICE if your control handled it.



Thank you for considering Aspose.

We are going to release a preview version of the rendering/printing engine very soon.

We’ll try to release the engine along with the forthcoming v3. Please don’t forget this is just a preview version of the engine and currently supports pretty limited features.

Hi! I am developing an end-to-end document management platform for a medium-sized medical transcription company in the United States. We are currently using Word automation for autoprinting released documents through VPN connections with several large clinics. There is a lot of overhead with this and we are looking for a better solution. I, too, would be very interested in printing capabilities in your components.

Alan VanDerHeyden, B.S.Cp.E.

save the doc to .mdi, open the mdi file, then print it. U can also slick the print in the File menu.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

As I already said, the preview or beta version of the rendering/printing engine will be available very soon.


Could You please tell me how to save a doc file to mdi by using Aspose.Word? I was looking for a method to achieve this but haven’t found one:(. Have I overlooked something.


Hi Szymon,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

At the moment Aspose.Word can save the documents to DOC, HTML, plain TXT and special intermediate XML format for subsequent conversion to PDF using Aspose.Pdf. No other formats are supported.