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Asyncronous Call Aspose Word Cloud

I’m looking to use the Aspose word API in my applications in the following way;

  1. Azure Function invokes your API to convert a document to PDF.
  2. Your API does the conversion and then saves the file to Azure Blog Storage
  3. Another Azure Function is triggered from Azure Blob Storage and does something else.

I’m using the WordsApi to invoke a conversion from .doc to .pdf but the request, PostDocumentSaveAs, is synchronous and I need to wait for this to complete. Unfortunately this can means my functions needs to wait which costs money and resources.

I was hoping your API would be asynchronous behind the scenes so I don’t have to keep a thread waiting. Fire and forget is not suitable in this case as I need to know the request was acknowledged your side as part of the main thread.

Is there any asynchronous API calls I can use?


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support. This query is relevant to Aspose.Words REST APIs and will be replied at Please follow this thread for updates.