Attaching Excel to Email


I want to be able to attach the Excel file to a mail.

Here is the steps …
1) User Fills out form
2) Form is validated
3) Create Aspose.Excel
4) Store form values in Apose.Excel
5) Attach Excel to mail
6) Send Mail

Do I need to save the Excel file to disk, or can Aspose can send Excel as mail, or can it automatically attach to MailMessage object…



Hi, thanks for your consideration.

Currently you should write code to save the Excel file to disk and then attach the file to the MailMessage object.


yeah it doesnt help… In your trial version, I found no function that would allow it to save to the harddisk.



You can use the following sample code to save the excel file to your hard disk.

excel.Save(“D:\book.xls”, FileFormatType.Default);