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Attachments in Email appear to be combined into one, large Attachment (C# .NET)

We have an issue with a customer that we’ve not been able to duplicate in-house and it’s intermittent on the customer’s system. It appears that occasionally an emails attachments are combined into one attachment. If the email is reprocessed it seems work. If we open the email using Outlook we can see all of the attachments but within Aspose.Email.Attachments there’s just one. The customer is using POP. I don’t notice anything special about the names: “Some Email Attachment - 123456.pdf” or “Attachment - 456789.pdf”. The customer has changed email clients and the behavior has persisted so I don’t think that’s related.

The size of the one attachment appears to be within a K or 2 of the combined size of all of the individual attachments. By our observation, there always seems to be at least one PDF involved but all of the attachments aren’t necessarily PDFs. We’ve see a PDF and an XLS combined into a XLS. Sometimes the resulting attachment is readable but will have the title/name of one of the attachments but appear to have the contents of a different PDF if opened with Adobe but you can see the PDF that goes with the name if you open it with MS Word. It appears that the contents of all of the attachments are in the one.

In this version of our product we’re using Aspose.Email.DLL 17.11 I see in version 18.2 a potentially related bug was fixed:
EMAILNET-38911 PDF attachment not available in EML using Aspose.Email
The latest version of our product is using 18.3 but I don’t know if this would contain a fix to our problem or if it’s something new.

Is this a known issue or something new? I didn’t notice anything similar on the forums but I could have missed it.

Thanks in advance for any help,


I have observed the issue shared by you. First of all, I suggest you to please try using latest Aspose.Email for .NET 19.5 on your end. If the issue still persists, then please provide a working sample project along with a test account where by you are trying to extract email from. We will try to reproduce the issue on our end to help you further.